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|Industry News| Twelve ceramic construction projects in three ceramic production hub were listed as key projects.

Mar. 20, 2020 - According to statistics, a total of 12 ceramic projects in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hebei province have been listed as key projects, with a total investment of over 9.682 billion. The total investment of three k...

[20/03/2020]Read more >
  • KITO Group and Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Tourism Group reached strategic cooperation

    Mar. 18, 2020 - On March 18, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Guangdong KITO Group and Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Tourism Group was...

    [18/03/2020]Read more >
  • |Industry News| China's ceramics market size will reach 127.4 billion yuan in 2019

    Mar. 17, 2020 - In terms of product design, pigment & glaze manufacturing, cultural creativity, etc., continuous progress has been made. The scale of China's ceramics marke...

    [17/03/2020]Read more >
  • In 2020, Sichuan will start construction of 46 million square meters of prefabricated buildings

    Mar. 13, 2020 - A few days ago, the Sichuan Department of Housing and Construction officially issued the “Key Points for Promoting the Development of Prefabricated Buildings in...

    [13/03/2020]Read more >
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