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With the spread of overseas epidemics, will China's exports of ceramic machinery and equipment be affected?


Mar. 12, 2020 - Ceramics enterprises in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh and other countries are closely linked with Chinese ceramics equipment exporting enterprises. Under the influence of the epidemic, the benign development of the ceramic industry in these countries has profoundly affected the export trade of Chinese ceramic equipment enterprises. 

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic situation is spreading to the world, but overall, ceramic production in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh and other countries has not been affected much. It is understood that after the Spring Festival, Yiding Technology received orders from overseas customers such as Brazil and Vietnam. The total amount has exceeded 10 million yuan. The Litai brand has also received orders from some ceramic enterprises in Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Iran and other countries.

For the moment, although Chinese citizens cannot currently enter India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries, it does not affect the export of ceramic machine equipment overseas, and it will not affect the related work of equipment installation and commissioning.

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