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|Industry News| China's ceramics market size will reach 127.4 billion yuan in 2019


Mar. 17, 2020 - In terms of product design, pigment & glaze manufacturing, cultural creativity, etc., continuous progress has been made. The scale of China's ceramics market has expanded rapidly, reaching 127.4 billion yuan in 2019. The sales of the top four real estate development companies rose to 14.17% in 2019.


The ceramic industry analysis points out that ceramic is a necessary ceramic product for daily life. With the continuous growth of our economy and the increasing national consumption capacity, the scale of China's ceramic market continues to rise. From 2011 to 2018, the average annual compound growth rate of the total output value of China's ceramic industry was 10.2%, and the average annual compound growth rate of total output was 8.4%. In 2018, the total output of China's ceramic industry reached more than 49.5 billion pieces, and it continued to increase.


In 2019, China's ceramic tile output was 10.15 billion square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 1.15%; national ceramic tile consumption was 8.81 billion square meters, a year-on-year increase of 4.01%, and exports fell significantly. The ceramic market scale indicates that the urbanization rate is constantly increasing, and the population peaking population has entered the mainstream consumption period. At the same time, the renovation of new and second-hand houses supports the demand of the ceramic industry. Per capita income continues to rise, consumption upgrades and environmental awareness raise the unit price of ceramic tiles.


According to the different retail prices of products, the ceramic tile market can be roughly divided into three segments: mass market, mid-range market and high-end market from bottom to top. From the mass market to the high-end market, as the unit price of products rises, the size of market segments decreases, while the brand attributes increase, and the degree of fierce market competition also weakens.


In terms of scale, the three account for about 40-50%, 30-40%, and 20% of the total market.


In terms of market concentration, the high-end market concentration is significantly higher than the overall level of the industry. In 2019, the high-end market CR5 reached 33.4%, while the concentration of all ceramic tile markets was only 6.8%.


The scale of the ceramics market points out that, driven by supply-side reforms, environmental protection policies, and changes in market demand, the development model of China's ceramics industry has begun to change, gradually from "quantity" growth to "quality" growth. Under this circumstance, companies that do not pay attention to product quality and rely on low cost to participate in the competition will increasingly increase the pressure on survival. Enterprises with technological, brand, management, capital and scale advantages will gradually increase their market share, and the industry will accelerate the survival of the fittest.


Against the background of increasingly high-end ceramic demand in the domestic and international markets, China's ceramics industry is transforming and upgrading as soon as possible, adjusting its product structure, and increasing its competitiveness in the high-end market.

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