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|Industry News| Twelve ceramic construction projects in three ceramic production hub were listed as key projects.


Mar. 20, 2020 - According to statistics, a total of 12 ceramic projects in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hebei province have been listed as key projects, with a total investment of over 9.682 billion. 

The total investment of three key projects in Guangdong exceeds 2.57 billion yuan. Among them, Guangdong Dongwei New Materials Co., Ltd. in Dongguan plans to invest 14 million square meters of rock slabs. In 2018, it plans to invest 180 million yuan for civil construction and equipment installation. ; Guangxi will have 14 ceramic production lines + 10 frit production lines (including OCEANO, Monalisa, XIEJIN, GANI, etc.). As of now, OCEANO + Monalisa + XIEJIN has been in Guangxi Tengxian base built a total of 10 production lines; Hebei is actively encouraging the development of foamed ceramics and special ceramics.

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